Join our amazing journey to Democratize global trade

Lack of automation, track and trace, and the high cost of transporting import and export goods continue to impede economic growth for low-income countries. Not-for-profit Shippinghub Global’s sole objective is to provide an information infrastructure and industry-proven logistics automation solutions to assist developing countries to lower and control their future transportation costs.

ULTIMATE MOTIVATIONS reduce hunger and poverty

We have the ULTIMATE MOTIVATIONS in life knowing that we have the chance, and more importantly the tools, to positively impact life of billions:

• Address the world to improve global trade
• Improved internal logistics to reduce hunger and poverty

Pilot Project for Jamaica logistics hub

ShippingHub has earned support and commitments from our Canadian federal, provincial and municipal officials. We are very proud to have UTech SCIT as National Lead Partner, and the support of private and public sector organizations in Jamaicato implement ShippingHub National Logistics Strategy (SNLS) to transform the entire island into a logistic hub - the foundation for growth, competitiveness and a logistics-centered economy.

Shippinghub National Logistics Strategy (SNLS)